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Saturday, June 23, 2007

And then there was two

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Two days. That is only what is left of my life. In Japan. Unless I go through extreme procedures after graduating from university, or if I choose to only go to Yamasa (or any part of Japan for tha matter) it can only be in 3 month periods. Which means I am most likely never coming back to Yamasa. I feel kind of let down. At the moment, there are many things back in Sweden that are pulling me back, both things I want and do not want. At the same time there are things in Japan that make me want to stay. I’d rather keep these reasons for myself, lets just say they are other than worldly ones (as is the case with the Swedish ones).

Today Friday was my last day in school. Contrary to some who couldn’t control themselves, I refused to show anything but a happy face even though I felt something else than happiness at times. I wanted to go out with a boom and do some silly speech that would generate laughter instead. I think I succeeded fairly well. The speech can be seen here, subtitled in Swedish for once instead of English.

(Subtitled version will soon be added instead)

Yansan, anatanokoto mou samishigarudesuyo. Anatano kamimo, oppaimo, soshite mochiron gyozamo… Moratta hakariwo yoku tsukattekudasai.


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