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Thursday, May 31, 2007

We were retards, part II

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Alright, after a month and a few days, I am finally back! I’ve had to deal with bad test results, Werewolf-games at speak-English parties, and now tonight, yet another retarded quest into the unknown. Yes, I am naturally talking about Daniel and my second walk that took us around the north, north-west and south-west Okazaki for about 6 hours, late-night dinner break included. We have managed to get lost, got a spider landing on our heads (one each on separate locations, mind you) and cockroaches at the restaurant! Ok, I’m going with this too fast, let’s take it from the beginning.

It all started with a break-up of the gang that was going to karaoke for the evening. I thought we’d be 5 people, but after 2 people bailed I did too for the first time as I didn’t want to go only 3 people. So instead of karaoke, I set up plans with Daniel to go for a walk after school to a game shop in the southern parts we had been to before. We set out at aprox. 4:30 from my house. We decided to go north-west first, then the plan was to turn south and follow that until we came to the appropriate road to turn back east and onto the street with the shop. We said to ourselves that it shouldn’t take that long, and laughed at ourselves when saying “what if it goes like last time we said it would take a short time and get there at 11 in the night? Haha! Surely it cannot take that long this time”. I should learn never to open my big mouth.

Everything started out fine, we went west and after a while I started complaining about my shorts hanging because I had forgotten my belt, so we went into a store to buy one. While there I got caught checking girl’s belts, and before I had got my man’s belt, I also had bought 3 t-shirts. I’m going to upload a picture of them later. They are really funny. In any case, after that we continued west I think, or south-west and we just continued to walk like crazy. We even started talking about staying up all night just walking to another city (no, seriously, we’d do it if we had had the energy), turn around and arrive at school perfectly for the morning session tomorrow Friday. 4 hours later we had given up on that fortunately. But before that, we headed south, I think we got totally lost and darkness fell. Before that we managed to talk about everything between making movies located on Japanese ricepaddings, battles during the 16th-century and… well actually I have forgotten about the last things. I’m so tired that everything is a haze.

We managed to at least ask a lady at a gas station about directions, so we finally were heading the right way back, and on that street we found a restaurant that served curry. In we went, and got some decent bread and a very weak curry. When we were almost finished however, a cockroach scrambled across the floor and disturbed out dinner. It’s so funny because the place seemed nice and we said that this would be a place we could come back to, until that incident which changed the statement to, let’s not come back here again, ever. After the meal we started heading back, waguely sure where to go when Attack of the Spiders! happened. Man, we’re just loved by the insects in this country… By this time my knees started to hurt, and as I sit here writing my toe is hurting like hell, probably from some sore picked up on this 6 hour voyage. After about another hour of (non)mindless wandering, we ended up at the game store we were heading for in the first place, only to be met by total disappointment. They didn’t have the game that I wanted to buy… *cries* Instead, I have to wait, but most likely I will not be able to buy it before I go home unless I can find it in another store, perhaps in Nagoya. Instead I am thinking of getting some more money to buy another 2 games, Sonic and the secret of the rings, plus newly released Resident Evil 4. Why do I need to get more money from Sweden? Well…

It just so happens that the group I played Werewolf with (a group I’ve infiltrated lately) consists of Japanese (mostly girl, wow what a coincidence right?) who want to meet foreigners and speak English with them, and sometimes more. In any case, we have decided to go to Osaka and Universal Studios there, which suits me perfectly. It is the last major city in the main Kansai area that I haven’t been to yet, which means I have been to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara before I leave Japan. The trip is a bit expensive though, about 20-25000, because we use the Shinkansen (finally get to ride that train as well!), and food must be included as well. If I want to buy games for 14000 Yen (800SEK) and the ticket, that means I only have 30000 Yen to live on these last 3 weeks. If I am supposed to get food, phone card, bills paid and perhaps unknown expenses plus gifts for home, how can I get by? No way I say. I will however get about 8000 Yen from school for taking up a part time job being a student to a Japanese teacher-student who’s going to learn the profession at our school. As students we get to attend this free class to get some repetition of Japanese stuff from earlier books. In fact, as mentioned, it’s actually we who get paid for it. Unfortunately I will not get the money from that job until 2 days before I leave Japan. Can’t get everything in life, yes?


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