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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Terminator

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Arnold Schwartzenegger (phew, I wonder if he spells like that) terminates people. I am kind of a terminator myself, or at least is subject to some terminations. First off, my homestay is now at an end, three days ago to be exact, but I have not updated my blog because I’ve been very busy with my final exam at school. Yes, final. The semester has finally but regretably come to an end. Not only will I get a new class and new teachers next time, but I won’t even meet one of the best teachers I’ve had; Osoroshii (Hada) sensei. She was actually crying herself, but she has decided that she cannot go on at the school for ever. She needs experience in other fields as well, and not just being a Japanese teacher. While I understand her decision I actually feel sad since I’d like to meet with her again in future lessons. A lot of friends are going home as well; four of my classmates are quitting Yamasa. It feels as if everything is terminated this time, instead of just a pause like last time 3 months ago. It kind of feels like last semester in high school – you’ve spent a long time with people and suddenly you figure you’re going to part ways and never see them again, and it actually hurts. So to you, Daniel, Andrew, Virginia, Kou, I write this haiku. EDIT – I have changed the haiku to a more poetic ending I’ve been thinking of during the last few days. I find it has more heart to it.

Ka ra da tsu yoi
ko ko ro ha nai te ru
To ri ga to bu

My body stands strong,
but my heart weaps,
The birds leave the nest

Onto happier thoughts, my test was sufficiently good to let me go on to the next level. I scored straight A’s on everything except writing where I got a B, which unfortunately lowered my overall grade to a B, so evidently I performed worse than last semester, but I blame the much more difficult content in the books and counter with the proof from the teachers that I have more than doubled my vocabulary and I now know most grammar forms there are in Japanese except the very extremely polite ones that we will now learn in the coming book New Approach. It is a very suiting name as we’ve studied basic Japanese now, just stuffing it into our brains, and now we will instead learn the finer points of the language, how to speak in a polite manner and how to behave during conversations. The former books were about being understood. Now we approach that grammar in a more refined way.

I also tried to get my hands on one of Nintendo’s new consoles the Wii. But it proved to be a futile dream I had to abandon quickly. I should have bought it back 2 months ago when they were available, because now there is a shortage in the whole of Japan and the manufacturers cannot produce them quickly enough to let everyone who wants to buy one get one. I’ve alreayd bought the game I want to play, but I waited with the console because I did not want it to be an interferring object with my studies. I knew if I bought one I may perform even worse on my tests than I already did, and so decided to wait. In one way I’m happy I did, since I turned out pretty well as I mentioned above, but at the same time, now that I’m off school and have nothing to do, I can’t play since I can’t buy the console. Such irony.

– – –

Today’s words are kanashiisad, and ureshiiglad



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  3. I feel really sad for you, but didn’t you get HoI sent from Sweden ? Anyways it sucks having nothing do when you actually have time and when you don’t have it because off school you want to do everything but study.

    Comment by Tzorcelan — Saturday, March 24, 2007 @ 2:16 am

  4. Yes I did get my HoI2, but that was about 2 months ago and I’ve already played enough to satisfy my need. Now I just want to get my hands on a Wii, but I can’t yet. If I have time tomorrow I’m going to check out Nagoya for one.

    Comment by Andreas — Sunday, March 25, 2007 @ 7:14 pm

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