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Monday, December 18, 2006

Homestay package II

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After this update I will not be updating any more until after New Year’s Eve most likely as I will be busy with my final exam and some nice holiday travelling to Tokyo and Nagoya. MERI KURISUMASU at you all for this year.

The doubutsu gang 15/12

It’s been almost three weeks since my last update, mainly because I’ve been so busy studying I haven’t really had the time to write anything, and also because nothing really special has happened to me recently. Until today… I had a very strange day today, but luckily nothing happened. Imagine yourself being stuck in Japan, you’re on your way to school and suddenly there are truckloads of cars where there usually are no cars, and no students as far as your eyes can see where there usually are about 50 of them at the time you ride along the street all other mornings. Alright, so I didn’t really wanna get hit by the crazy drivers (especially after the Declan telling me that Okazaki has the highest death toll compared to the rest of Japan when it comes to traffic accidents. Needless to say, Okazakian residents suck at handling their cars. I see one new newsflash every week about a student getting killed on their way to school by some driver who went against red light). But since there are no cars on the road in the morning, and every other cyclist is going on the road instead of the sidewalk reserved for both pedestrians and cyclists, I also ride on the road. Today however, I did not. I almost crashed because of that choice, ironically.

I actually encountered two school girls walking and I came up from behind, ringing my bell like crazy (I went down a slope) and I could not get out of the way since I rode on the sidewalk. But the girl in front of me wouldn’t move! Panic panic pniac. She actually did move when I was like half a meter away, and I skidded on the stones avoiding her. Yey, I’m such a great cyclist I can do that stuff. Onward I went and got to school alright. Only to actually do crash with another cyclist during lunch… But it wasn’t my fault, honestly!

After crashing I got in to the porn rest- I mean obento restaurant. Bought some roosu katsu. While waiting, you’re invited to read some porn. I didn’t, but I had to accuse my friend that that’s the only reason he wants to buy obento at that place. and he agreed that that was the case, naturally. Actually, there was a guy who *did* pick up the magazines and mechanically went through them all while waiting. You think Japan is strange? You have no idea… Especially when all the clerks are girls. At least the guy had the two of us to hide behind while reading.

I lost in jan-ken-pon (sten sax påse) yesterday too. Three times. I lust for revenge on Monday. The guy cleverly avoided me the whole day so I could not issue a challenge. So now I’m the bad-boy in school. I’ve got animal written on my hand. I just need to show my fist and they know I’m the leader of the pack. Only problem there’s only one member in my bad-boy gang so far. I’d better recruit some in the neighbourhood. Soon I’ll have my own criminal empire of school boy delinquents.

My school mark is pretty much finished, now it just has to be produced. It’s a bit expensive, but I’m getting 5 and it’s a nice design with some nice gold and red, so I guess that’s why I have to pay through my nose. I’m getting it after Christmas. The school administration is excited about seeing what design I created, so I guess I’m going to their office first thing after the mark is done.

Tonight in about 6 hours we’re going to try the Brazilian pizza restaurant again. We’ve been informed that it opens at 8:30 in the evening. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a restaurant that opens at that time. Sheesh, these foreign people you know…

That about sums up my day. All I need to do now is wait for the Brazilian pizza. I hope it doesn’t have fish on it…

– – –

Today’s word is kedamonobeast

The land of reverse 18/12

Japan is a strange country. Everything in Japan is cheap except for CDs and Brazilian pizza. A tip, if you come to Japan, never eat Brazilian pizza. Never. You’ll be paying through your nose for pizza that is at best edible. The pizza back in Sweden is soo much better, and it costs 1/3 of the Brazilian ones. We bought one pizza for 3000, that is 180 kronor. And it was just the same size, didn’t taste special, there were no special stuff on it, and for some reason, they have the guts to demand 3000. I could’ve bought a CD for that! Geez, these foreign people you know…

One thing that is the opposite is the Wii. It is sooo cheap over here that I cannot believe it. After talking to a friend about it he told me Wii was 3300 in Sweden. I had to check it up, and while it was a bit of a modified truth (if you bought the pack one with 2 games) it did cost 3250. Thing is I don’t want one of those games (some skateboarding game). So if I buy the pack with only one game it’s 2800. Still quite a lot, because I want a second game (Zelda) and that’s another 600. So it still gets to 3400 in Sweden which is unacceptable since Nintendo said that Wii was going to be really cheap to compete with the PS3 and X360. So what the hell is wrong with people in Sweden buying it for 3000 then?

If I buy Wii in Japan, the console is 1600 without anything to it. If I then add 800 to a total of 2400, I suddenly have Wii Sports and Zelda, the two games I want, and I still pay 1000 less than in Sweden. Somehow I must buy the stuff in Japan. Only two problems arise now; the games are in Japanese… ok I’m studying Japanese, but it will be difficult to understand I think. Zelda at least which has information. Sports is just smash and win. The second problem is I don’t know if the console will work with my Swedish TV. Can I buy an adapter, a new cord or something? If now I’m screwed. This calls for an investigation.

To add to the good news, I’ve spoken to my host family and school and I can stay until the end of March here, so another 3 months of ready breakfast and cold rooms, Japanese conversations about fat food, toilets and alcohol, and of course, a limited access to Internet again. I can’t wait!*thumbs up*

Today’s word is hantainoopposite


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  1. Now you’ll have to buy me a PS3 mwahah. How much does one cost there BTW ?

    Comment by Tzorcelan — Wednesday, January 3, 2007 @ 2:34 pm

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