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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Out of the nest

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So! I got some great news today. I was handed a note secretly by the teacher during first class. “Meet Ms. Takagawa, 1 floor, lunch-time”. Wow, I thought. A secret rendevouz with some Ms. at the first floor at lunch. Do they set each other up with students that excel? So I waited. And waited. And finally third class was over, not before the teacher could exceed the time by 10 minutes as she always does every Tuesday lesson before lunch. Seriously, I’ve just got to tell her some hard facts. But not at that time. It would disrupt my precious schedule even more than had been done.

When I got to the first floor, it hit me. I had no idea who Ms. Takagawa was. How was I supposed to find her if I didn’t even know who she was. Was I supposed to look for the hottest girl amogst the staff or something? Well, I didn’t have to worry for long because the Ms’s found me instead. HOMUSUTEI mitsukemashita, she said. Yes! I went through the roof. Finally, after one failure right when I came to Japan (though not my fault of course), I am given a second chance to live in a real Japanese family and experience some family life. I’m moving in just days. Feels so good. Two sons (unfortunately they both have already moved out despite being younger than me), no pets, meat eaters, smoking allowed, though that doesn’t apply to me, my own room, internet connection. It is too good to be true I thought, so what’s the catch, I asked. The trip to school will be 30 minutes or longer, should I go by bicycle or train, it doesn’t matter. Doh. Well, I quickly accepted anyway. Ride to school back home is about 20-25 minutes anyway so it will not differ much there. Since I have a bike already I’m going to ride that one, as taking the train will both take the same time, and be very expensive. I have to ride two rails meaning I have to switch trains at one time. Also, the two rails are owned by two separate companies, meaning I have to buy twice as many tickets to get to my end station, and from there walk to school. With the bike, I can move fairly swiftly, stop by any place on the way if need be, and I don’t have to wait for any trains. Kimeta! When can I move in?

My new way to school

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