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Monday, November 20, 2006

Video Japan VI

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And so I have come home from the breath-taking journey to Sekigahara. It was breath-taking alright. All those stairs we walked, and the mountain slope was pretty tricky too, it sure took it’s fair toll on my knees. But 10 minutes rest and you’re alright. But, do I have some cool stuff to tell you now or what.

First of all, the coolest thing wasn’t Sekigahara itself actually, but the castle that was built next to it. Why? Because that is the castle where they recorded the major part of Shogun the movie! Wha, I freaked out when I noticed it. I was walking along this huge stone stairway with walls on either side, and I thought to myself, wow, this looks just like the road that Blackthorne takes when walking up and down in Ishido’s castle. And then when I went out through the gate and out on the bridge, I knew I had seen the place before, because of the structure of the road beneath the bridge. And then suddenly our guide, the Declan from school says, this is the place where they recorded Shogun and the bridge-scene. WHAT?! I went loose on that place with my camera, so if you’ve seen the movie, I hope you’ll find it amongst the pictures I’ve uploaded to my gallery. If you can’t remember how to get to my gallery (it’s in the link list to the right) here is a link:

I also got some very nice pictures of a reconstructed castle, with gun ports (where it says teppo in the pictures) and tatami mats. Even the steep stairs are frightengly realistic. At least they have installed steel railing so you can support yourself while climbing them.

Soon the third and last of the Spiderman trilogy will be released. I already have the story figured out in my mind, and when seeing posters and the like I think that the real story will pretty much be the same as I have already pondered on. It’s frightening really. Either there is a telepathic bond between the director and I and he’s stolen my ideas for the movie, or the only logical way to present the next enemies in Spiderman 3 is to base it on previous events in Spiderman and Spiderman 2. But that is hightly unlikely. I think that the director has picked my brain. Literally.

Anyway, to get in the mood for Spiderman I watched some Spiderman episodes on Youtube, and I got the tip from my Canadian friend (whom I btw got a picture of from the car together with my Greek friend) that I should watch the Japanese version of Spiderman. I thought, is he out of his mind, but it turned out to be the truth. There really is a Japanese Spiderman series, and not just a few episodes, there are apparently a season or more of them. Be sure that you are very resilient towards the 70s, because this is how basically every single tv series that were worth watching in Japan during the 70s looked like.

Just look at how he’s running… and the song. And… everything. It stinks the 70s so much it’s unbelievable. And the way he enters. And his voice…

To give a better impression of Japanese tv, let me show you a clip of a Japanese music video instead.

Hm, ok well maybe it wasn’t that much better. At least be glad I didn’t post you the version with guys instead of girls…

Korikki Night of Fire

Here is another version of the video. I am not allowed to embed the video from this site because it may not be secured according to wordpress. So be it, but you have my word that the link is safe, should you go ahead and press it.

I’m not sure why, but I’m going crazy about this song. It’s addictive I’m telling you. I probably have watched it about 20 times already and I slowly begin to like it. Is this some magic embedded into the video; to take over and control the listener to like it? At least I can safely say it’s not because of young girls waving their hips about. Especially that orange one. Yeah. Perfectly safe. *starts the video once more* Oh no…

– – –

Today’s word is sakushuexploitation


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