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Sunday, November 5, 2006

100% kirei and silk

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There I stood together with my Canadian friend, outside the entrance to the orchestra hall, on the third floor of the local civic building. It is one a clock and they let us in. It’s a once in a year show, so I figured what the hell. It’s free as well. I’m naturally talking about the Okazaki kimono exhibition show.

The first part was a bit sleepy, and not that beautiful kimonos really. It was the second part that was interesting, and that’s where I’ve got pictures from that are decent as well. There are two things about my camera that I hate, and they’re that there’s no sound to my video clips, and that my battery lasts for like 30 min tops. Once the red battry image started flashing, I had to turn it off and save battery for the final part of the show. But it was worth it. Also, it was pretty dark and I didn’t want to use my flash (even though everyone else did, so next time for sure) so many of my pictures turned out poorly. But I managed to get two fairly decent ones.

The show was about different kimonos used at different occasions, so I saw both wedding kimonos, festival kimonos, and the last one – what my friend and I thought – was some sort of high society kimono. I heard the word “bethrothal” mentioned, so I guess it was a special sort of dress when meating a future husband or so. Ten layers of clothing, it was impressive to say the least. Starting off with a white, there was a deep red, pale green, deep green, pink, light red, orange red, red, dark green, deep red with white flowers on it, in that order. To finish up she had a white sort of… cape from the waist. And her hair was longer than herself. Must’ve been a wig. Though you never know with the Japanese…

kimono1.JPG kimono2.JPG

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Today’s word is fukuclothing


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