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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Congratulations are in order

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Well now. Today I can proudly announce that I have been in Japan for exactly one month. I landed the 1st of October and it’s now the 1st of November. I’m going to celebrate that with going out to explore Okazaki’s night life, if there is one. Not today though, which is unfortunate. Thursday tomorrow and an ordinary school day awaits me. Instead I’m going to wait until Friday when we are off. The 3rd of November is a national holiday in Japan; Culture Day or something, when Japan’s old culture is introduced to both visitors and natives. And those who can afford it will wear a kimono. It’s quite the myth that everyone wears a kimono in Japan because the real ones are extremely expensive. There are obviously fake ones that are less expensive, but I’m hoping to see some real ones on Friday. There will be a show during mid-day where a special troupe will perform with kimonos and stuff. I’m hoping to seize the opportunity and see what Japan is all about later that night. For the night in honour, I’ve prepared myself plenty. Two lessons in picking up girls… Well it works, but what’s really going to make the cart rolling is of course;

Jaaan! “Today/tonight/tomorrow, what are your plans?” Dating flashcards – don’t leave home without them, just in case you meet some cute one and you desperately need to speak Japanese even though you can so far only ask where she’s from, what she has eaten for lunch, and if she likes icecream.

Today I got green light from school to make my own insignia for my uniform, as long as I do not sell it for money to other students. Why the hell would I do that I asked myself, but to administration I didn’t express me with those exact words. I assured them that I would not sell it, and they were happy with that, most likely since Hattori Foundation is a non-profit organisation or something. As I mentioned earlier, now I just need to find a jacket, or blazer rather, and a tailor who can sew. Cause I sure can’t…

– – –

Today’s word is nozomuhope


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  1. good luck on friday :)

    Comment by David — Thursday, November 2, 2006 @ 3:22 am

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