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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bride dresses, Swedish meatballs and dust inspections

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Today I was asked by the teacher if I wouldn’t marry her. But I think it was because I said I had a lot of money… what a hoax! For now, I’m going for the younger ones! Not teachers that is, the younger girls…

Yesterday night there was a show on Japanese TV that showed a Japanese guy travelling Sweden. He tried meatballs with some sweet sause (after interviewing one of the teachers at school who saw it I finally figured out that it was actually most likely lingonberry jam). I didn’t see it myself unfortunately but I sure wish it would be a re-run someday soon.

All I’m doing now is waiting for the cleaning inspection of our room. Once a month the school will inspect their property so that the students aren’t abusing the facilities. I hope we pass. I’ve cleaned it moderately well, but I still have books lying about on both the bed and table, and papers cover all kinds of spaces. It’s just so hard to keep it clean with the few places we can put stuff. The wardrobe is already packed by my room mate’s and my bags and clothes, and the small compartments in the desk aren’t good for much except the books. So the rest is just lying about. Guess I’ll find out of the inspector sees it my way too once s/he arrives.

I’ve also asked the school about the uniform. There is no enforced dress code at school, and so most foreigners use their normal clothes as they do at home. You’ve seen what I wear and the reason for that is the trashy appearance of some other students. But a plain shirt and a tie isn’t much when comparing to many other (Japanese) persons that I see when walking to school. School children, employees, everyone is dressing in a quite formal way. I thought I’d improve my appearance a bit more by wearing a insignia of the school, to show I’m just not some tourist running around. I was disappointed though to hear from school administration that no such thing existed since they don’t have the dress code. If I wanted, I could create my own though, using the Hattori Foundation sign. Sweet, I thought, and now I just got to figure out how to make a pin with that one on it. As long as it doesn’t cost much, I’m going for it. Or perhaps I could have it sewn into the clothes instead.

P.S. Just like to inform that my pictures from Nara are now online and showing, take a look further down D.S. 

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Today’s word is seishikinaformal (as in appropriate)


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