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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Video Japan II

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Today I went out for books again. I have written a list of manga that I wish to buy and I found just the store for it. Book-off it’s called and it has a lot of used books, though they sell new books as well. The Japanese are crazy about selling what they do not want or need, books no exception. They handle the books so carefully so they can be sold back to the store again, and despite their good quality, that is what make these second-hand mangas so cheap. I just bought the whole “X” 18 book set. I thought it would cost me 1,200, because the first 15 books were in a set for 900 and the 3 last ones were separate for 100 each. But when I paid the cost only went up to 730 En. 1,000 En is 65 SEK so you do the math. Back in Sweden I would’ve probably had to pay about 40,000 En for the same thing, so I think I made a pretty good deal. Now I just got to get good enough to read them too…


I must also promote this video that I found on YouTube when searching for Ys. It’s frustratingly good and I was positively surprised when I heard that the song played was one I already had in my music list. The song is called Endless History (from Ys IV) and is based on the song The Morning Grow (from Ys I – the one I have in my list).

For those of you who do not know what Ys is I suggest you visit Ys is a RPG much in the same way as the “Tales of”-games in sense of mobility, and “Secret of”-games in sense of combat. They are amongst the most popular RPGs in Japan and they have (to my knowledge) not been released outside of Japan – edit; it has. The games have also been made into several animes – which I am trying desperately to get my hands on – and this video clip is from just one of those animes with the Ys IV theme song with it.

And here are the lyrics!!

When I take the truth                                             When I take the truth
When I take the dream                                          When I take the dream
Sorawo someru asayake                                       The dawn, painting the sky
Make me try again                                                  Make me try again
Make me fly again                                                   Make me fly again
Tooi tokino tabibito                                                A traveller from a distant age

Kazeno nakani ukabiagaru                                   You goddess who float on
Megami yo                                                               The winds
Maboroshi demo sorewa                                      You may be an illusion, but
Shinjitsuno yasuragi darou                                   The peace is real

Oikakete kizutsuite                                                 Wounded, I set out in chase
Inochi kakete tsukanda                                          Risking my life for that I which I desired

Hitowa itsumo yumeno tameni                            People are always ready to die
Shineru yo                                                                For their dreams
Kizudarakeno udeno nakani                                 Now, in your wounded arms
Ima aiwo kanjiru                                                     I feel love

Yomigaeru kiokuno chiheini                                 In this field of resurrected memories
Atarashii rekishiwo kizamu                                   I shall rewrite history

Kazeno nakani ukabiagaru                                    You goddess who float on
Megami yo                                                                The winds
Maboroshi demo sorewa eienno                          You may be an illusion, but
Yasuragi darou                                                        The peace is eternal

Hitowa itsumo yumeno tameni                            People are always living for
Ikiteru                                                                       Their dreams
Kizudarakeno udeno nakani                                 Now, in your wounded arms
Ima aiwo kanjiru                                                     I feel love

– – –

Today’s word is okaidokuhinbargain


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  1. Nice song – I like it! And the video seems very epic, with beautiful pictures.

    Comment by Rabea — Sunday, November 5, 2006 @ 2:20 am

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