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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Chopsticks on fire

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Today I asked Nie-sensei out on a date. It didn’t turn out that great. She dismissed by attempt at the very beginning by saying that I was asking too rudely (I wasn’t using the -masenka form, gasp!) and that I was a bit too young for her. Shimatta

Instead, I had to be satisfied with a date with my room-mate Toni. Together, we cooked our first meal in the appartment instead of going out at a restaurant. It was a dai-seiko! We had bought some meatballs the other day so we fried that and tried to figure out how to use the rice-cooker. In the end, it tasted just like it were supposed to. I had been le Cheffe and chopped the vegetables while Toni fried them together with the meatballs.

Toni the master-meatball-roller-with-chopsticks is rolling his meatballs. With chopsticks

My plate of food. Bought it 3 hours before we started cooking. Plate itself, one bowl for rice, one for the food, a pair of chopsticks. I also have a larger bowl for soup stuffed above the sink

I can also proudly announce that I have tied my first necktie via Internet instructions! So now instead of using the former necktie I had which was a fake one, using a elastic band around the neck, now I can wear a real one on Monday. It’s really nice one, with a material that looks like silk (obviously fake since the tie cost 6,50 Swedish crowns), and it runs smoothly along my fingers. And it’s just the right lenght too.

– – –

Today’s word is ryouri suruto cook


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  1. oh you asked your teacher out on a date ey…for that you have to have courage. You know almost no japanese (or?) and you asks you teacher out on a date after two weeks time, i´m impressed! and a little bit confuesed..i have never ever had the thought of asking a teacher out on a date..well..maybe..but I have not let it out in the real world. one old is she? just give it a new shot and use the masenka-form, then she will fall for you, and use your new tie and wash you clothes in a higher temperature so they are extraclean :) Well if the clothes get smaller it´s no problem, it will only show the muscular body of yours. shimatta = ? (damn?)

    Comment by David — Monday, October 23, 2006 @ 12:05 am

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