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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Break a leg!

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Well now, today I have only bad news. First off I have been told by the school that I will not be able to move to my host family. A member of their family had had an accident and will not be able to act host family for me or anyone else for the time being. So here I am, still in the shared appartment when I was looking forward to having a room of my own in a Japanese house with all that comes with it.

Japan is the dream country for the one who wants to lose weight. I noticed that when going to the supermarket to buy some candy to comfort myself after the homestay family news… Ok so if they have candy in Japan how can it be *the* country for weightloss other than the fact that the food is low-cal? Well the candy is unedible. It looks nice and tasty on the outside, and once you grab a bite… well, I don’t think I need to explain. Just imagine your mouth full of flour. The Japanese are in other words thin because they can’t eat the damn candy they produce!! Or something like that… at least I know I will be standing away from the candy department for the coming months.

Horrible Japanese candy; eat at your own peril

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Today’s word is tsumazukisetback


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