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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Benkyoushite kudasai

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Holy mother of the big-boned Buddah! Now I sure got my hands full. School has finally (hm, maybe I shouldn’t be so positive considering what we get) begun and I have loads of homework. Already. 4 days into the course and we’re pushing forwards as if I was in third grade at seconday school again. Feels kind of good, cause I know we’re getting somewhere then! But at the same time, it sure is hard work. But, without it I wouldn’t learn anything, and then why am I here… I’ve also bought flash cards, something that Japanese students use vigoriously to learn English. So I thought, I should be able to do it in the reverse order! And here I am with three neat little flash card holders. These will be great when I start studying kanji I think.

One day’s worth of homework…

My flash cards! Hyaku

Minna no nihongo, my Japanese and English text books. I am getting two more with only kanji later, self-study only

The teachers at the school are great, especially one; Nie-sensei. She can joke about herself to make tedious and awkward situations feel like a breeze. Then we have one older who is of course the pronounciation teacher! And she goes crazy on this one guy who cannot pronounce some words correctly. It’s not that he lisps, but he just cannot get the tongue right on the s’s. She’s a bit old school and corrects every time she hears it’s wrong. Nie-sensei lets it slip and then says the same word in a setence of her own. It’s a trick I learned at the teacher-training too back in Sweden. It is a good way to let the student hear the correct word without pointing him out “you’re wrong idiot, it’s like this”.

The third of our teachers do lisp however, and sometimes it’s really hard to tell what she’s saying when she’s speaking quickly. In Japanese, however, it doesn’t matter that you lisp because you can pronounce words accurately anyway, in contrast to Swedish.

– – –

Today’s word is genmitsunastrict (as in exact)


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