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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Bebop & Rocksteady

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It’s early morning in Japan. I’m dead tired after a long, tedious, boring and sleepless night. Went to bed early just to wake up at 1 o’ clock. After 1 hour I got up, understanding I couldn’t sleep. Went to bed again at 3 o’ clock and after a futile attempt I finally got up at halv past 4. I blame it all on my bed. Here, let me show you a picture of my room again with the villanous bed in focus.

I hope I won’t spend many sleepless nights on this more than I have to

It is not just the bed itself that is rock-hard. The matress and pillow are as well. Fortunately my cover isn’t, and I guess it’s a comfort at least. This is why I want to, just like the title explains, mention that today’s keyword is; rock-hard. That’s right. Bebop is totally rock-hard. So is my bed. I think it’s even harder. That’s why I won’t get any sleep. My back hurts like hell after a night on that surface. I just have to buy another matress.

Speaking of new things to buy, I got myself (at last!) some decent paper. Japanese paper is thin as a nail and totally useless. Never buy yourself Japanese toilet paper! It’s as strange as their toilets. You need rock-hard paper to be able to… you know. Not this mm-thin paper that breaks apart if you breathe on it.

Yesterday I went and tried my first sushi restaurant here in Okazaki. I had only tried some dishes at Denny’s and some pasta restaurant (there are loads of pasta restaurants here, it’s like the Italians have invaded Japan with their restaurants instead of the Americans with their stupid McDonald’s). But the sushi was absoultely delishious I must tell you. Of course, there’s a difference when trying sushi in Japan and in restaurants in other parts of the world, but I never figured the experience would be so different as it was. One other thing that was different was the staff working there. Talk about dedication!

Deniisu resutoran, one of many pasta restaurants

The first thing when you walk in that happens is that you are greeted by the waitress. When she announces that you have come the whole restaurant’s staff yells a welcome, and in you go. I almost got a heart attack because I wasn’t ready for the guy shouting from over the disk right in my ear. At least you feel welcome. Next you try to speak a combination of Japanese and English to order. It’s easy enough to point but when ordering how many of each you want, it’s another matter. The waitress instantly runs behind the counter and gets a frakking notebook with phrases, words, numbers you name it, all in Japanese-English so that she can serve better. Then the phone rings and when she’s done with our order, she RUNS to the phone just to pick it up. If there are any Swedish waitresses out there, tell me honestly if you would run to the telephone if it rang, or if you would just walk, subconsiously hoping that it will stop ringing before you get there. Rock-hard servitude is the word. They may smile at me falsely, they may dislike me for being a foreigner, they may think whatever, but none of that matters to them as long as they can provide good service. And trust me, the Japanese service is the best you can get.

“TESUTOwa muzukashii desu ka?” she asks. I look at her disbelieving and finally answers “hai”. “Nanika muzukashii desu?” “Zembun…”
My language test is finished after 4 hours of pain and frustration at myself. I blame my bed. The lack of sleep shut down my brain. But I honestly think it will be alright. I can advance later on to an intermediate level and pick up my lost time. Just got to work hard enough. Rock-hard determination is the word…

A Japanese morning, it’s about half past 5

– – –

Today’s word is kataihard (as in solid)



  1. Hej Andreas! Kul att du äntligen är i Japan… Det verkar… intrssant. Speciellt delen med toalettpapperet. väldigt upplysande. Det är jättekul att få läsa om dina upplevelser därborta. Får en att vilja komma bort från den här kalla regniga platsen vi kallar hemma.

    Hoppas du har kul…

    Comment by Emma — Wednesday, October 4, 2006 @ 1:26 am

  2. Man tackar man tackar. =) Hoppas ni har kul hemma i regniga och kalla Sverige. Just nu är det ca 25 grader i oktober och jag håller på att smälta i värmen.

    Glad att du gillar toapapperanalysen, det lär komma fler. ;)

    Comment by Andreas — Thursday, October 5, 2006 @ 1:03 pm

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