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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Enter the Japan!

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As anyone who reads the title might figure, I’m blogging my adventurous journeys in Japan! I came here two days ago, on the 30th of September; tired, wet (you do not want to sit on a plane for 9 hours on a wet seat where someone had poured a flask of water, plus literally bathing in your own sweat, and with nothing to chill you down), cranky, and all what that means. It didn’t help that I had before my flight travelled by car through half of Sweden for 12 hours first.

Of course I got stuck in customs too… We all did. Every single one of the 200 passengers. Because we all needed to turn in some special form, we all needed to show special visas and the like. It was not fun when you were tired, and wet, and all that what I wrote.

But now I’m rested. I’ve even had the pleasure of eating a few meals here in Japan. Of course all of them have been at the restaurants. I can’t cook. Not in my kitchen that I’ve been handed at least. But that’s fine with me, I don’t mind at all! The restaurants in Japan are so good and have such dedicated service I’d like to go there every day if I could. That is; had I the money to do so. And of course I don’t. I hope to get by anyway.

But where are my manners. I haven’t even said where the hell I am. Here, let me show you;

Okazaki City! My plane landed in Nagoya (though not where Nagoya is located on the map; here let me show you again).


This red marker shows where the airport is. It’s (I believe) an artficially-made island in that place. I was kind of concerned until we hit ground why we were flying at 50 metres, when viewing the TV screen inside the place of our location. Why the hell are we going down now, we’re right in the middle of the sea and a good way from Nagoya still. Then we struck ground and here I am. Or it was all a rouse and aliens have projected images inside my head of the landing, denying me the truth, telling my subconsious that I was too tired to see what really was going on. Or I’m the alien since that is what it says on my welcoming card to Japan.

I’m studying at the Yamasa Institute in this lovely city. Its housing facilities are conveniently located near the school itself and all other important facilities you might need. Such as bars, restaurants, karaoke(?)bars, supermarkets that sell alcholol that you can get in the bars, coin laundries, more bars, electricity stores that cannot help you, and even some more bars I discovered on my way home from the electricity store that couldn’t help me. Japan is truly a facinating country! I bet if I left the main road that has been the only one I’ve adventured on so far, I could find myself even more bars. I almost pity my friends back in Umeå who have to stand up with stupid places like X3m, Corona and… are there any more in Umeå? Point is, there aren’t a lot. And here I see more bars on one street than people. And trust me, I see a lot of people. Because Okazaki City is inhabited by “merely” 350,000 people, and it’s entire surroundings by 8 million. The city itself is in other words a small town… And the politicians in Umeå say their town is growing… bah!

My room is a bit small, especially since I am going to share it with a room mate that hasn’t shown up yet. I have no idea when he arrives. Here is my one room, and my entrance hallway that is combined with my kitchen and bathroom. To the left is the toilet. I don’t think I’ve ever lived this spartanious before. Still I don’t complain. I kind of like it. Makes me my own king in a few ways. I just hope my room mate won’t try to steal my toilet paper.

Hallway with fridge and freezer

TV, laptop, bed, everything a students needs. (Vart e’ brudarna?)

My toilet is really funny. I hadn’t really assumed I would have one of those crazy things that the Simpsons get in their hotelroom in some episode. It talks and spurts water and etc. But I was still surprised at the design mine had. On the top you have a combined sink. It’s totally useless since I cannot have my soap next to it, so I have to go right next door to my bathroom and use that sink which does have a place for the soap…

A combined sink and toilet. No wonder the Japanese are smarter than us! This idea proves it all!

Ok I think that is enough to comprise for the dates I have missed. 30th and 1st that is. I just want to finish with a few pictures that I somehow was able to take despite the bumpy ride in the van from the airport.

Here we are, leaving the what I think is the artificial island.

Entering the mainland, aka Japan!

Two places we drove by. One of these places I want to enter, one of them I certainly do not want to enter! Can you guess which one? Btw, the Sega world place is one and the same, from two angles. Go Sonikku!

– – –

Today’s words are zubunure ni narubecome thoroughly wet, and gaikokujinalien (as in foreigner)



  1. Hello my friend!

    I’m glad your trip went well, and it certainly sounds like you’re excited about all the changes. Hope you settle in quickly! When do your studies start? Did the dreaded flight go well (any vodka close? hehe)?

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about Japan. Never seen a funky toilet like that! And what was that about people at the electronics shop not being able to help you…?

    Anyway, I hope we hear a lot more! This is my new favourite page now! =)

    Take care!

    Comment by Rabea — Monday, October 2, 2006 @ 10:58 pm

  2. Hi Rabea!

    Good to see you posting here. =) Studies will start tomorrow the 4th. Flight went really great despite some stupid turbulence in the end when landing in Nagoya.

    I kind of like the toilet too, despite it’s total uselessness. Or rather the sink. Gonna post more pictures of other toilets. And of course of bars!

    You’ll hear from me much more later on, hope I do the same from you. =)

    Comment by Andreas — Tuesday, October 3, 2006 @ 5:18 am

  3. Tja Du har fått mejl…Sega world, Yay! När kan jag börja ta beställningar på coola tv-spelsprylar? :)

    Comment by Lars — Tuesday, October 3, 2006 @ 5:57 am

  4. Well I really dont know what to say… I both envy and pitty you. I dont think my fragile mind could handle all the “horrific” events that has taken place in your life the last few days. I mean common, a toilet and a sink in 1… that has to be some kind of joke on the “stupid forigners”, and waiting in custom for 2hourers is problably not the kind of welcoming I would like. Anyways as Rabea says you seem to be hanging in there. I guess that it can only become better from this point on, or can it? hehe :)
    Keep writing friend.

    BTW: Have you purchased my anime/manga postcard yet? :P

    Comment by Josef — Tuesday, October 3, 2006 @ 4:42 pm

  5. Ooh yes the salvation to all problems a better matress. When do you think we can start to expect som posetive bloggs?–>

    Comment by Josef — Tuesday, October 3, 2006 @ 9:18 pm

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